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Flipboard App

Written by Praneetha Aniruth on . Posted in Business

For all those busy CEO’s and Leaders out there, this is a time saver and a must for you.  Most of my client’s don’t have time to go to all their apps and social media platforms everyday, this app is an aggregator that brings it all into one place.

You can also customise it to your platforms, interests, subjects and location. You will also love the way you can flip through it like a magazine, and you can also share to all your social media platforms too.

SMME’s need to embrace social media

Written by Praneetha Aniruth on . Posted in Technosavvy

Many small businesses think that social media is only for big companies and corporates, but a few small clients that I have worked with in the past three months, have proved otherwise. From a boutique deli, to a travel agent and a bakery, all of these clients have seen a direct sale and increase in Business by embracing social media. Here are the 3 steps to social media for small businesses:

1. Embrace it and remember it is part of your job

2. Understand it and how to use it in your business

3. Continue to learn and grow