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Technosavvy Masterclass for CEO’s and Executives – You’re invited

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I have designed a two hour Technosavvy Masterclass for CEO’s and executives every second Wednesday at our Carver Media Durban Offices. We start at 09h00 and it is a by invitation only masterclass which covers topics like, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Wikipedia and understanding the digital matrix. If you are keen on attending, please free to contact me and I will arrange for you to attend. Since the masterclass started 2 months ago we have had Chairmans, Casinos, FMCG clients, Banks, Small business Entrepreneurs and even a few celebrities too!

New iPhone 5 – Social Media’s new super fast tool

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 So I have been playing around with my new toy, the new iPhone 5, and the first two things I noticed was speed of the device and the weight of it. Two best features so far, super light and super fast, which is my books is a great upgrade from the 4s.It makes posting on my social media platforms quick and seamless.

Our CEO at Carver Media, Avilash Aniruth, has been dissecting it further about it’s technical spec, but my guess is that it will be definitely be on the most wanted list for Christmas this year.