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Social Media Gets Into Fashion

Written by Praneetha Aniruth on . Posted in Social Media

New York Fashion Week is always a place for new ideas and changing trends.  One of the biggest trends to make a mark this year at New York Fashion Week is technology, specifically social media.  Designers and audience members alike are flocking to the tools of social media to share their fashion worldview.  New data released from eBay Deals looks at the influence and usage of social media during New York Fashion Week.  The data reveals that more and more people are turning to social media for fashion inspiration and advice.

In many ways, social media seems tailor made for fashion.  Look at Pinterest for example.  A site where people can go to curate a collection of looks and other items certainly is primed to play a role in fashion week. Some designers even put social media before the runway, with previews of their collections.  For example, Bergdorf Goodman and Badgley Mischka have previewed their collections exclusively on Pinterest.  After pinning only 42 items, they attracted 39,788 followers.

Social media provides access to the latest in fashion with a speed previously unavailable to most people.  People can use Twitter follow trends from their favorite brands and designers in real time. New trends can even go viral before they hit the stores.  Statistics show that at New York Fashion Week 2012, there were 50 top fashion accounts live tweeted from the runway.  Fashion shows can also be viewed live through YouTube, Ustream and livestream.  Livestreaming provides viewers at home with unprecedented access to everything that fashion week has to offer.

Social media has even become an accepted form of art.  Professional photographers are even using Instagram for their craft.  In fact, the Getty Images Libraryhas now accepted into their collection many photos which have been taken by professional photographers using Instagram.  Though the data can provide us with the numbers, the true impact of all of the new forms of social media is almost incalculable.

6 Tips for Successful Facebook Marketing

Written by Praneetha Aniruth on . Posted in Business

Facebook marketing can be an incredible asset for any business when it is used correctly. Algorithm changes have made it harder to reach your audience to its maximum capability. Below are some tips that have been arranged to better assist Facebook marketing efforts to better ensure the success of your online strategies!

1) Outline the Goals: Different businesses have different business goals. It’s far too often that people hop on the latest social media network, with no idea why. You need to set goals for your social media. Are you setting up a Facebook page to connect with your audience and easily address their needs in one place? Is it for brand awareness? Figure out what you want to accomplish through social media and from there you can better formulate the steps to take that will get you there.

2) Locate & Understand Your Audience: Before you go on a posting rampage, make sure that what you’re posting is conscious of your audience. It is very easy to get lost in social and repost everything that you like, but be mindful of what your audience can easily identify with and connect to. More people will be likely to engage with you and that will increase your post visibility after the latest Facebook algorithm changes.

3) Customize the Layout: Keep your Facebook page consistent with your businesses overall look and feel. If you utilize multiple social media platforms keep the themes closely related and relevant. If your website is blue, don’t make your Facebook page pink, unless it makes sense. This will help farther your branding efforts and keep your business on the map by making it easier for people to make the correlation between the social media pages and your brand. Also take advantage of the little app boxes that are below your cover photo. You can easily create mini apps that point to your website on Facebook, or link to your other social media pages. The images for those boxes are also customizable, so you can keep your branding consistent in that way as well.

4) Post & Engage: Don’t leave your page out to dry too long. Depending on how large your Facebook base is, try to make consecutive updates. If you do not have time, or do not think you’ll have time, you can schedule Facebook posts using that little clock on the left hand corner below the ‘status update’ box. (It will show up once you click in the box.)

5) Keep track of data: Facebook has recently made adjustments to its algorithm and when you create Facebook updates it will be very unlikely that your post will reach all the people who actually like your page. In some cases you wont even see your posts reaching half of your actual audience. Keep watching the data collection that Facebook provides you with and see what kind of posts get the widest reach, as well as check those that got the most engagement. As you keep track of the data and analyze the trends you will then be able to better assess what content to post that will be successful and scrap those that have not shown you any results.

6) Test New Features: It does stink when you were able to reach a wide audience at little to no cost and then things change and they want your money. Facebook post promotions can cost as little as $5 per post, and they will tell you the amount of impressions that they will get. Create a strategy to promote your site content using this feature. While you may not see the results you once had, it is good to experiment and test the waters to see what the potential is as well as what works and what doesn’t.