How to be technosavvy

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In this age of advent of technology, it is extremely important to learn how to use computers. They are a medium of communication and often a lifeline for many organizations. The members of the informal sector too have understood the importance of computers and how they can use them as effective tools to increase their livelihood

Learning how to use computers can enable workers in the informal sector to get integrated to the formal sector and even hold jobs they would earlier have thought impossible. It would even enable them to increase their current income and generate more business by being more informed.

Participants would learn how computers will be usefulto them in their daily lives. They will learn about the hardware of the computers and learn how to use them for the first time.

Use of Keyboard:
Learning how to use the keyboard as the first and most important skill of learning computers.

Online Applications
Familiarizing participants with online applications and use of E-mails.

As Small Businesses Become Tech Savvy

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As Small Businesses Become Tech Savvy, They Could Earn Big Ad Revenue For Facebook

Facebook wants to become these merchants’ channel of choice. There are already 2 billion connections between people and small businesses on Facebook, and their Pages get 645 million views and 13 million comments a week.Facebook is entering the next phase of its small business education program.

Tech literacy is on the rise among small merchants: 15 million small businesses now have Facebook Pages; 8 million businesses use Facebook’s Page Manager app; 300,000 Pages have paid for Promoted Posts; and 2.5 million posts have been promoted since the product launched in June.

Currently Facebook’s ad businesses is predominantly supported by big businesses, which, according to a recent study, spend 16 percent of their budgets online. But that’s largely because enormous companies can afford to have dedicated online marketing teams who can learn the ins and outs of complicated tools.

Facebook hopes these trends can meet in the middle and bring enough little budgets to the social network to make a huge impact on its bottom line.

Are You Techno Savvy Enough?

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Whether your workplace is a corporate setting, academia, or your own business, having a grasp on technology is a must.  Interoffice mail and the United States Postal Service is a thing nearing the past.  If it is not electronic, it is too time-consuming.

No longer are the days where you check emails once a week and expect for your peers, management, customers, or vendors to be satisfied.

You don’t have to purchase every new electronic device but are some key ones that can increase your techno savviness.

1)  Make sure you have access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone to reply to emails at a specific time of the day.  This does not have to be the latest iPhone or tablet.  If you do not want to be perceived as easily accessible, do not associate a tablet or smartphone to the company’s email system.  Use the company laptop.  If you want to consistently be interrupted throughout the day to feel important, set the stage that text messages and emails will be answered after or before meetings only.

2)  Be Your Own Hotspot.  Never rely solely on public Internet access to handle your work.  There will be times where it is against corporate policy to use free Internet access to VPN into the corporate network.  There may also be times that you are traveling and are required to locate that important document or create some deliverable on the company network.  All of the major wireless carriers offer hotspot devices for a monthly charge.  Clear offers the cheapest plan to date with no data download limitations.

3)  Remain Portable.  Never leave home without an external hard drive that is portable on a key chain or as a “passport” device.  There is no need to only store documents on a corporate network.  Save them on a portable drive that can be used on both MAC and PCs.  This is definitely where all of your personal documents should go as well.  WD and Seagate are two of the most frequently used ones that do not require formatting to use on both MAC and PCs.

It does not take much to be techno savvy so start today!

5 Levels of TechnoSavvy Bliss

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Technology savvy individuals interface with technology at very different levels. There’s a big difference between an earlier adopter and a trend follower. There’s a big difference between a programmer and user.

There are 5 levels of technology savvy:
1. Trend Followers
Trend Followers are comfortable using technology. They use the popular products and services that everyone else uses. They will try new technologies when their friends have tried it first.

2. Power Customers
Power Customers are enthusiastic consumers of new technology who are always happy to check out the latest innovations. Power customers make or break new technology by trying new products and services first. Power customers influence and motivate others to try their favorite new discoveries.

3. Designers
Designers know how technologies work. They are the engineers and creative professionals who design new technologies.

4. Architects
Architects know how to fit technology building blocks together to make new things. They are the masterminds behind technology products and organizations.

5. Innovation Leaders
Innovation leaders know how to reinvent technology. They are the creative force behind innovative technology ideas, products and architectures.

SMME’s need to embrace social media

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Many small businesses think that social media is only for big companies and corporates, but a few small clients that I have worked with in the past three months, have proved otherwise. From a boutique deli, to a travel agent and a bakery, all of these clients have seen a direct sale and increase in Business by embracing social media. Here are the 3 steps to social media for small businesses:

1. Embrace it and remember it is part of your job

2. Understand it and how to use it in your business

3. Continue to learn and grow