Technosavvy Masterclass for CEO’s and Executives – You’re invited

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I have designed a two hour Technosavvy Masterclass for CEO’s and executives every second Wednesday at our Carver Media Durban Offices. We start at 09h00 and it is a by invitation only masterclass which covers topics like, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Wikipedia and understanding the digital matrix. If you are keen on attending, please free to contact me and I will arrange for you to attend. Since the masterclass started 2 months ago we have had Chairmans, Casinos, FMCG clients, Banks, Small business Entrepreneurs and even a few celebrities too!

What is Technosavvy?

Written by Praneetha Aniruth on . Posted in Technosavvy


Techosavvy is a specialized training course designed for Ceo’s, Chairman’s of boards and leaders. Technosavvy provides valuable training on how new media and it’s tools can make every day life easier. With an increase in technology, people are finding it a challenge to stay up to date. Technosavvy helps leaders embrace the technology and it’s benefits. Companies are finding tremendous value in Social Media and New media therefore need the buy in from senior management.
Technosavvy provides various levels of training from Ceo’s to Digital managers to online community managers. Technosavvy is powered by an international leader Carver Media  who is an online and digital agency with a global footprint made up of a team of international professionals specializing in web design, web development, online strategy, application development, online community building  and digital marketing.

Technosavvy has successfully trained several international business leaders, politicians, governments, thought leaders, blue chip companies  and celebrities.  The advanced training is aimed at  digital managers and online community managers with over 3 years industry experience and focuses at a very high level with tactical infiltration methods and strategy.