Techno-savvy Senior Citizens on the rise

Written by Praneetha Aniruth on . Posted in Technosavvy

Not only are senior citizens becoming more tech-savvy, but their use of digital communications is predicted to increase rapidly. There is a common misconception that senior citizens are not actively using email or are less likely to use technology to communicate. In reality, seniors are tapping into technology more than ever. As more and more seniors integrate the Internet into their daily lives, digital communications is becoming the most efficient way to engage and inform. Studies show that senior citizens are fast adopting email as one of their primary methods of digital interaction and communication.

Social networks are also acquiring more senior users with each passing year. Since social media users are significantly more likely to check their email frequently, the rise in social networking among senior citizens signals a further increase in frequent email use.

As a growing number of senior citizens discover the advantages of digital communications, email and social media are quickly becoming their dominant method of exchanging information. Government organizations can greatly benefit from implementing email outreach campaigns and other digital communications efforts to engage and inform the senior citizen demographic.

Unlike other forms of more costly communication, such as direct mail or telephone calls, people’s preferences and response to emails can be tracked, allowing you to understand what is most interesting to this demographic so you can send information that is most relevant to them. Instead of waiting for senior citizens to come to your website, how much more impactful could your organization be by proactively sending these citizens the information they are looking for?

Praneetha Aniruth

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