The 11 Principles of Brand Strategy

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1. Define your brand
It starts with your authenticity, the core purpose, vision, mission, position, values and character.  Focus on what you do best and then communicated your inimitable strengths through consistency.

2.  Your brand is your business model
Supports and challenge your business model to maximize the potential within your brand. Think of personal brands like Oprah, Donald Trump, Martha Stewart and Richard Branson.

These individuals practically built their business right on top of their personal brand; everything they offer is an extension of their brand promise.

3. Consistency, consistency, consistency
Consistency in your message is the key to differentiate.Own your position on every reference point for everything that you do.

4. Start from the Inside out
Everyone in your company can tell you what they see, think and feel about your brand.  That’s the story you should bring to the customers as well, drive impact beyond just the walls of marketing.

5. Connect on the emotional level.
A brand is not a name, logo, website, ad campaigns or PR; those are only the tools not the brand.  A brand is a desirable idea manifested in products, services, people, places and experiences.Sell people something that satisfies not only their physical needs but their emotional needs and their need to identify themselves to your brand.

6. Empower brand champions
Award those that love your brand to help drive the message, facility activities so they can be part of the process.

7. Stay relevant and flexible
A well managed brand is always making adjustments.  Branding is a process, not a race, not an event so expect to constantly tweak your message and refresh your image.

8. Align tactics with strategy
Convey the brand message on the most appropriate media platform with specific campaign objectives.

Because consumers are bombarded by commercial messages everyday, they’re also actively blocking out the great majority of them.

9. Measure the effectiveness
Focus on the ROI (return on investment) is the key to measure the effectiveness of your strategies.Ultimately it should resonate with sales and that means profitability.  But don’t just focus increasing sales when you could be getting a profit boost by reducing overheads and expenses as well.

10. Cultivate your community
Community is a powerful and effective platform on which to engage customers and create loyalty towards the brand.

11.  Practice brand strategy thinking
Essentially it means to not just settle for the choices currently available but to think outside the box without being limited.It’s always easier to execute tactics than coming up with a strategy because it implies the possibility of failure.

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